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I have a dream for South Africa – by Patrick Kuwana

I dream of a South Africa… where a clear and compelling inclusive national vision is in place designed to benefit all South Africans; with leadership across all spheres of society working together to implement a clear strategy to get the nation to that vision by drawing in all South African’s to beneficially contribute towards the attainment of the united vision.

I dream of a South Africa… where every South African will take responsibility for their conduct and behaviour and are willing to be held accountable.

I dream of a South Africa… where everyone commits to being unashamedly ethical by adhering to a lifestyle of ethics, values and clean living in everything they do.

I dream of a South Africa… where we will see the emergence of a national culture of humility where people admit their mistakes, who ask for forgiveness when they are wrong and are willing to face the consequences of their inappropriate actions.

I dream of a South Africa‚Ķ where every person commits to intentionally step out of divisive stereotyped ‚Äėmud-slinging‚Äô based thinking and focus on becoming innovative, inclusive based solution providers to the challenges we face.

I dream of a South Africa… where we have such fun and laughter together and just enjoy this incredible country that God has blessed us with.

Oh by the way ‚Äď I dream of a South Africa where the Springboks will win more games than they lose.

–¬† Patrick Kuwana, Crossover Transformation Africa

Dream for South Africa 2

Patrick Kuwana is the founder of the Crossover Transformation Group. www.crossovertransformation.co.za¬† He is involved in leadership and entrepreneurship development in Africa and Asia. He is also part of the Transformational Leadership team at USA based FSH Group ‚Äď www.transformlead.com where he serves as a Transformational Leadership Trainer and is also a strategic business and leadership consultant and coach.

See the full article published at BizNews.com https://www.biznews.com/undictated/2017/01/05/patrick-kuwana-dream-sa-2017/